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Your Crafted4You Quilt is handcrafted with three-layers of fabric, cotton, flannel, and fleece. Your Quilt is styled with 2-4 coordinating fabrics on the front. You can choose a Quilt from our collection or we will work with you to customize your colors and/or theme. Email me first if you desire a custom Quilt and let us know what you are thinking.

Baby's Crib                    approx. 33"x44"                     $65

Toddler Bed                   approx. 38"x49"                     $75

Throw Regular               approx. 50"x60"                     $115

Throw Extra Long          approx. 56"x71"                     $155

Twin Size                        approx. 60"x86"                     $260

Full Size                         approx.  77"x95                      $330

Queen Size                    approx. 95"x105"                   $395

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