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Children's Toy Collection


Your Crafted4You 10-piece Pretend Makeup kit includes lipstick, mascara, blush, foundation, bronzer, eye shadow, nail polish, 2 brushes, and an adorable makeup bag in your choice of a black or white print, to hold everything. There is no transfer of makeup onto your child, as this is 100% pretend.


*Lipstick & Nail Polish colors are random.


Your Crafted4You I Spy Sensory Toy is a quiet time toy for kids [& adults] to take a little time out from the noise and blue light we get from electronics. You manipulate the toy to find the different objects, shapes, colors, textures, or figures.

The Alphabet I Spy Sensory Toy contains individual letters for the entire alphabet. This is a wonderful non-electronic tool for learning letters, spelling words and site words!


Customers have purchased their Crafted4You I Spy Sensory Toys for children and adults with special needs as it promotes sensory stimulation, small motor skills, concentration, and fun.

**Pretend Makeup Kits and I Spy Sensory Toys contain small parts. Children under 3 need to be supervised.

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